Whisper Sisters is the sixfth episode in Season 1 of the Frankie Drake Mysteries series. It first aired on December 11, 2017.

Plot Synopsis

When an innocent child is shot, Frankie and Trudy investigate the dangerous world of bootlegging.

Character Revelations

  • Wendy Quon has a son, Hung Fah who prefers to be called Harry Jr.


Historical Reference

  • Prohibition in Canada lasted from 1918 -1920; just as it was beginning in the United States. During the 13 years of its enforcement, bootleggers exported Canadian alcohol to the U.S., making a fortune.
  • Al Caponebecame the most infamous gangster in American history, with a multi-million dollar Chicago operation in bootlegging, prostitution and gambling dominating the organized crime scene until he was arrested in 1931 for income tax evasion.


  • Actor Michael Miranda played Giuseppe Falcone in three episodes of Murdoch Mysteries.
  • A 'Whisper Sister' is 1920-30s flapper speak meaning – female proprietor of a speakeasy


Main Cast

Lauren Lee Smith as Frankie Drake
Chantel Riley as Trudy Clarke
Rebecca Liddiard as Officer Mary Shaw

Recurring Cast

William Melling as Eric Morrison
Grace Lynn Kung as Wendy Quon

Guest Cast

Luke Humphrey as Joe Perry
Michael Miranda as Lorenzo Petrillo
Dante Zee as Harry Quon Jr.
Kelly Van Der Burg as Lena
Alex Bird as Al Capone
Jeremy Walmsley as Bobby Preston
Peter Deiwick as Pencil Thin Mustache
Brendan Murray as Gino Perry
Michael Dyson as Moonshiner
Christian Bako as Delivery Driver #1

Non-credited Cast


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