Wendy Crewson is an actress from Winnipeg, Manitoba born May 9th 1956. Crewson appeared in many Canadian TV shows in 1980s, and appeared in a number of feature films in the early 1990s, like Night Heat, Hard Copy, Tanner '88 and Street Legal.

Crewson co-starred in the science fiction films Bicentennial Man (1999) with Robin Williams, and The 6th Day (2000) opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. She has performed numerous other roles including an invasive television newscaster in Room (2015).

On television, Crewson starred in the Canadian series ReGenesis as Dr. Rachel Woods from 2007 to 2008, and on Saving Hope as Dr. Dana Kinny in 2012. She also guest starred in the first eight episodes of the third season of 24, playing Dr. Anne Packard, personal physician and love interest to the President.

In 2013, Wendy Crewson won a Canadian Screen Award for her work on the television series Saving Hope and in 2016, she received the Earle Grey Award, which recognizes actors for their contribution to the international profile of Canadian TV or for their significant body of work.

In Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, she plays real life con artist Cassie Chadwick, a favorite performance of MM Fandom.

In 2017, Crewson appears in the premiere episode of Frankie Drake Mysteries, as the Frankie's mother.

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