Ruba Nadda serves as lead director and co-executive producer for Season 2 of Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Ruba Nadda is an internationally and critically acclaimed Canadian writer, director and producer. Her credits includes October Gale (2015), Elizabeth (2014), Inescapable (2012), Cairo Time (2009), Sabah (2005), Aadan (2004), Unsettled (2001), and I always come to you (2000), Blue turning Grey over you (1999), Black September (1999). 

Ruba Nadda attended New York's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in Film Production. She completed their summer program and upon her return to Toronto immediately began her prolific filmmaking career. Her 13 short films have been shown in over 500 film festivals in 5 years. She has had over 20 retrospectives of her work shown in numerous cities, including: Princeton University, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Wurzburg, Austin, San Francisco, Regina, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto.


Dealer's Choice (2018)

Emancipation Day (2018)

Radio Daze (2018)

The Last Dance (2018)

The Old Switcheroo (2018)

Mother of Pearl (2017)

Ladies In Red (2017)



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