Mother of Pearl is the second episode in Season 1 of the Frankie Drake Mysteries series. It first aired on November 13, 2017.

Plot Synopsis

A factory owner hires Frankie and Trudy to get rid of communists working at his plant.

Character Revelations

Historical References

  • The Communist Party of Canada was secretly founded in a barn outside of Guelph in 1921. As communism was outlawed, they called the party: "The Worker's Party of Canada"


  • Lauren Lee Smith had some major issues behind the scenes – her tumultuous relationship with the1920s automobile. Smith says, “I was trying to make friends with her by saying, ‘Come on, girl. I know you’re old-timey and a little rusty, but let’s be friends.’ I realize she wants to be bossed around by a strong person behind the wheel. She has caught on fire twice, she stalls constantly, the brakes only work sometimes and to go forward you need to put her in reverse."
  • Actor Paul Amos played the recurring character Dr. Roberts for three seasons in Murdoch Mysteries.
  • On the same air date of this episode, Thamela Mpumlwana is seen as Artie in The Accident on Murdoch Mysteries.
  • Location filming in Cambridge, Ontario.


Main Cast

Lauren Lee Smith as Frankie Drake
Chantel Riley as Trudy Clarke
Rebecca Liddiard as Mary Shaw
Sharron Matthews as Flo

Recurring Cast

Karen Robinson as Mildred Clarke
Thamela Mpumlwana as Jacob Clarke

Guest Cast

Zoe Cleland as Zelda Purser
Paul Amos as Richard Scanlon
Howard Hoover as Simon Conroyd
Gabreiella Sundar Singh as Fern Higgins
Ben Clost as Bart Wilkins
James Godfrey as Gerard Conroyd
Alanis Peart as Milk Bottle Woman
Danny Waugh as Blacksmith
Emma S. Johnson as Glenna Ashton

Non-credited Cast


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