Frankie Drake is a smart, savvy and fearless redhead and a new detective for a new world, portrayed by Lauren Lee Smith.


Raised in Toronto by her small-time grifter father, Frankie longed for adventure. After his death, she found it living abroad in Europe and the Middle East. When WWI broke out, she became a dispatch messenger, riding a motorcycle across war-torn countrysides in order to deliver crucial messages to the front lines. Frankie’s skill and daring attracted the attention of her commanders who recruited her to work as a spy. Her final mission saw her return to Toronto after her cover was blown.

Unemployed and looking to put her unique skill set to work, Frankie establishes Drake Private Detectives, the city’s first all-female detective agency. With her associate Trudy Clarke, Frankie takes on the cases the police can’t crack and more traditional detective agencies aren’t interested in — solving them as only a modern woman who “colours-outside-the-lines” can.

Frankie Drake follows the first rule of being a private detective: no one needs to know anything.

Character Arc

A Frankie Drake Mysteries Cold Case Web Series

Mother of Pearl Season Premiere

  • Frankie discovers her mother is not dead and that her father had lied to her.

Ladies In Red

Summer in the City

Healing Hands

Out of Focus

Whisper Sisters

Whisper Sisters

Ties That Bind

The Pilot



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